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75 m 3600HP Maintenance Work Boat
75 m 3600HP Maintenance Work Boat

General Arrangement Specification Enquiries

Technical Details (MB7501)

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics


Type of Vessel:

Maintenance Work Boat


Classification Society / Class:                

American Bureau of Shipping


Class Notation:

Hull & Machinery for Class ABS Maltese Cross + A1 + AMS Circle E for unrestricted service



Work-In-Progress (17 months to completion)

Port of Registry:





Length Over All:

75.00 m


Length Between Perpendiculars:

72.20 m


Molded Beam:

20.00 m


Molded Depth:

6.50 m


Designed Draft:

5.00 m


Designed Speed:

11 knots @ 100% MCR


Fuel Oil Tank Capacity:

Approx. 650 m3


Fresh Water Tank Capacity:

Approx. 1200 m3


Crew Accommodation:

196 Men

Main Deck Strength

10 tonnes/m2

Main Engines


Make/Model: (2 units)

Cummins / KTA50-M2


Power @ 1900 RPM

1800 BHP x 2


Gear Box


Make/Model: (2 units)

Reinjtes / WAF664


Ratio:                                                                                               5.04:1

Generator Sets         


Make/Model: (3 units)

Cummins / KTA19-D(M)1


Power Rating:

360 kW

Emergency Generator Set

Make/Model: (1 unit)

Cummins / 6CTA8.3-D(M)

Power Rating:

150 kW

Bow Thruster

One (1) 8t transverse FPP thruster.  The unit shall be driven by a diesel engine mounted in the fore part of the bow thruster compartment. One (1) remote stations c/w instrument panel and the rpm of the engine will be controlled from both the forward and aft controls in the wheelhouse.

Engine Make/Model:

Cummins / VTA28-DM


Thruster Tunnel Make:



Anchor Windlass/Ramp Door Winches


One (1) unit electro hydraulic anchor windlass suitable for 46mm dia. Stud link Grade 2 chain c/w two warping drums is to be provided.  The cable lifters and warping drums are to be independently clutched and variable speed local hydraulic control on forward of forecastle deck, chain pipes, cable stoppers and hawse pipes are to be arranged at site.  Windlass is to be provided with manual brake and clutch with local control.


Maker                           :              Plimsoll

Capacity                      :                10T at 10m/min

Gypsy size                   :                suitable for 46mm dia. Grade 2 stud link chain

Chain stopper              :                suitable for 46mm dia. Grade 2 stud link chain

Brake holding load     :                 49.4mt (static)

Anchors, Chain Cables & Mooring Lines

       Anchors              :           Four (4) Delta flipper anchors, each 5000 kg for mooring &   

                                               one (1) spare anchor

        Anchor wire             :      Each anchor to be fitted with 3m pig tail chain. Anchor wires of 

                                               1500 m length and 38 mm diameter shall be supplied five (5) in

                                               total, one being spare. Construction to be 6 x 19 RHRL,EIPS,

                                               IWRC GALV                

        Mooring Lines                 :           1 x 96 m dia. X 200 m polypropene rope

Single Drum Mooring Winch

            Maker (4 units)             :          Plimsoll

            Type                               :        Single drum c/w auto-spooling

            Drum Pull (1st Layer)   :         40T x 0-10m/min (low speed)

                                                            10T x 0-30m/min (high speed)

            Drum Capacity            :           1500m x 38mm dia. wire rope

            Brake Holding                        :           90T (static)

            Horsepower Required :           110 kW (approx.)

            Control                        :           Local control stand and central remote control

Hydraulic Vertical Capstan

                    Quantity                           :      2 units

                    Type                                :      Vertically Mounted

                    Rated Pull                             :      5T x 0-15 m/min

                    Horsepower Required     :     22 kw (approx.)

                    Control                            :     Local Control

Lattice Boom Type Offshore Pedestal Crane

                    Make/Model                   :     Favelle Favco / 6/10K (Full compliance with API

                                                                 Specification 2C & ABS classification)

                    Rotating System             :     



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